The Playpark

Gerlev has a 30.000 m2 park that is designed to experience and experiment with playful movement culture. The park is divided into differenct thematic sections that invite to different kinds of activities: some areas are designed to experience specific types of traditional play culture, where as others consist of composed or wild environments that invite to free and creative play.

In the Playpark, you can experience thousands of years of children's and adult's play culture. The park's design is grounded in our many years of experience with play, and the systematic collection of traditional games and play culture made by researcher Jørn Møller. The Playpark offers a unique understanding of traditional play culture, as the embodied experience of actual play gives a much richer insight into the nature and qualities of play than one would get from just reading a book on the topic. At the same time, the park offers a base for an active, playful pratice that makes us and others who are interested in play culture, continuously experience, experiment and wonder.

Gallery and virtual tour

Gallery from the Playpark

This gallery shows some of the different areas of the playpark in action. Our facilities include instructions and props for more than 100 traditional games, as well as inspiring areas for playful movement, including the large parkour facility from 2007.

Take a look around - from home!

Take this virtual tour around the Playpark, by going in through the café – enter the park through the door that is just next to the door you came in from.

See videos from Gerlev Playpark